Recipe by WayneJ

  • Time needed: 10min max
  • Calories per serving:
  • Servings: enough for the breakfast session
  • Difficulty: 1
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This is a combination of enjoying your food feeding your body at thesame time..


• - Spinach handful
• -Frozen Banana(recommended for smoothie)
• -Vanilla protein powder(one scoop)
• -One table spoon of almond butter
• -Hemp seed(Two table spoon)
• - A dash of cinnamon
• -One cup of almond liquid
• -A few ice cube


-Put all the ingredients above in a mixer
At the place of the almond liquid you can put milk if you want


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    Such a great Drink for Sugar that will control your sugar level. I found ingredients by interenet.

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    I loved this but then realised it’s a no go with the frozen banana and higher than 100 cals

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    Sure it is delicious, but the hemp seeds alone are over 100 cals? The almond butter is then another 90 or so and we haven’t touched the banana yet….not sure I have seen the word banana in the Fast 800 book. It seems like an ‘expensive’ way to spend 300 calories….unless you intend this as two portions? I have been using a handful of each of raspberries and spinach, half an apple, 1 tablespooon yoghurt and water with a nub of fresh ginger – ok, it isn’t a lush smoothie but it is ok and definitely fills one up as one of my meals or a snack if I need one. Of course, I am only just starting so am being stricter – you may be ion the maintenance plan. I will look forward to trying it in a few months!!!

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