Courgette Bhaji (idea taken from a recipe on the net years ago, can’t remember where)

Recipe by hashimoto

  • Time needed: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Calories per serving: 86 calories per bhaji (172 per serving of 2)
  • Servings: 5 servings
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rating: 4.50 based on 2 reviews

a simple bhaji which goes well with a raita and salad


• 10 oz courgette (grated) 250g
• 4 oz chickpea flour (100g)
• 1 tspn salt
• I crushed garlic clove
• 1 chopped chilli
• 1 or 2 tspns curry powder
• 1 tspn gingerwater saved from drained courgette + extra50ml oil for frying


1. Stir salt into grated courgette and place in a sieve over a jug. Leave for 15 minutes.
2. Add dry ingredients and garlic, chilli and lemon juice to the flour.
3.Use the courgette water and extra to make a thick batter.
4. Add the flour mix into the batter and stir.
5. Add 50 mls of oil to a hot frying pan and fry until golden and set underneath then flip over and fry until both sides are golden.

3 reviews for “Courgette Bhaji (idea taken from a recipe on the net years ago, can’t remember where)”

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    Delicious – particularly if you add a little finely chopped onion. The method mentions lemon juice but there is none in the ingredient list. I put in the juice of half a lemon. And at point 4 in the method, I added the squeezed courgette to the flour mix.

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    Not rated

    Lovely! The whole family enjoyed them. I added onion, and would add more next time.

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    They were delish…..although I fiddled with the recipe a bit. The weight of courgette was roughly one courgette. But I had two, so I used a bit more gram flour. I misread the recipe and put a tblsp of Caribbean curry powder and a tblsp of standard hot curry powder in (instead of teaspoons!) and frankly I wouldn’t want less. I left the seeds of the chilli out though in case I had overdone the heat. I also chopped half a red onion and added it. Then I also added an egg to bind it all. The mix was quite sloppy, so I just put dessert spoonfuls into the pan and shaped them in situ and fried them until golden. They were fab! Really scrummy, Will deffo make them again. (Pic of my grand-daughter making some)

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