Chicken and red pepper curry

Recipe by Ingenue

  • Time needed: 45mns
  • Calories per serving: 341
  • Servings: 2 approx 341 calories. Net carbs approx 21 per serving
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Rating: 4.90 based on 10 reviews

Just yummy!


• 200g chicken breast
• 1large onion
• 2red peppers
• 30g cashews or almonds
• 1tbsp tomato purée
• 2tsp ground coriander
• 2tsp ground cumin
• 1tsp turmeric
• 4cloves garlic
• 1in piece ginger
• 1chilli
• Low salt veg stock approx125 ml
• 2tsp olive oil


Put all ingredients apart from veg stock,Tomato purée and veg stock into food processor and blend to a paste

Fry paste in a non stick pan for 5 mins , stir often as may stick

Add chicken chopped into mouth size pieces and fry in paste for a further 5mns

Season with a pinch of two of salt

Add Tom purée, and stock and cook for a further 15mns

Serve with cauliflower rice

12 reviews for “Chicken and red pepper curry”

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    Delicious curry and very easily made. I used chicken thighs, which I find tastier. I served it with cauliflower rice with dry roasted cumin seeds, added a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt mixed with crushed yoghurt on the side

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    Absolutely gorgeous and plenty of sauce which was nice. Will definitely be adding to my regular recipes!

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