Recently started medication for Type2

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  • posted by JodyAustralia

    Hello Everyone,
    I am having trouble with feeling quite unwell since starting medication. My blood sugars are lowering slowly I will need to see my Dr for adjustments.
    1) I switched from Fast800 to the Blood Sugar Diet for way of life, I only need to lose a small amount of weight. I find on some days after my hour or more of exercise I am very depleted of energy, I have been having very low carbs and have to increase slightly to not feel so lethargic. I understand the medication can take a few weeks to settle it, it has been about 3 weeks so far.

    2) Example of my eating, breakfast scrambled eggs & smoked salmon or mushrooms, lunch hummus,capsicum, cucumber, olives, cheese, dinner meat – and veg. I had been only having a slice of LG bread once every 2 or 3 days, no pasta, rice, potatoes etc. I also don;t have sugar in tea or coffee, I rarely drink diet drinks and for the moment I am not drinking alcohol.
    3) I am just unable to function some days and I do work full time.
    I have read both books Fast800 and Blood Sugar Diet and I have both recipe books.
    Kind regards
    Any suggestions please?

  • posted by Verano

    Hello Jody. I have just been reading Prof. Roy Taylor’s “Life without Diabetes” and I highly recommend it.
    In a nutshell he suggests 15kg weight loss as the ‘magic’ number for reversing diabetes. If you don’t have a lot of weight to lose he suggests a loss of 15% of your body weight.
    In essence you follow a very low calorie diet for 8 to 12 weeks, roughly 700-800 calories. He uses shakes and soups but I’m sure it can be done with real food as in a Michael Moseley’s BSD, which is based on Prof. Taylor’s research.
    Anyway, the ‘science’ in the book makes great sense and is quite ‘readable’. His book was serialised in the Daily Mail from around January 11th this year and I’m sure you will get that online. Definitely worth a read for anybody wanting to reverse Type2.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Jody, sorry to hear you’ve been feeling unwell. I’ve never taken any medication for my diabetes so have limited knowledge about the medication. I know if it’s Metformin you’ve been prescribed some people are OK with it (usually after a few weeks) but there are lots of others who find it makes them unwell. If it is Metformin, there is a slow release version which I understand is better/gentler on the stomach than the ordinary one. It would be worth checking which one you have, and ask to switch to the slow release version if things don’t improve.

    You mention about your exercise. If you’re feeling really tired, I wonder if it’s worth pulling back a bit on your exercise for now while you get used to the new way of eating? I know Roy Taylor, who Verano mentions, originally suggested people don’t do any exercise during the weeks they are having 800 calories. I started exercising but not until a good few weeks in. It’s the way of eating that makes the biggest difference to Type II diabetes.

    In terms of the ‘diet’ if you’re barely functioning I think you’ve done the right thing by increasing what you eat for now. I’ve read of quite a few people who start by just cutting out the big carbs e.g. potatoes, rice, pasta etc and then gradually lower their carbs over time if and when they need to. If you’re not using one, a tip from me would be to use one of the food trackers (I use, others use MyFitnessPal, but there may be others more suited for you in Australia). It will help you keep track of exactly how many cals and carbs you are having each day. With Type II the carbs are key. Knowing how many you’re eating daily means when you go back for your next HBa1c blood test if your blood sugars haven’t lowered enough, you can then lower the number of carbs you’re eating. A lot of people on here start at 50g carbs per day. Hope that makes sense.
    Your food looks good (I’m assuming your veg is above ground, low-carb veg), the only thing there that I couldn’t have is the hummus but I know others can eat it. Btw, if you haven’t come across it is a really good site, I particularly like their visual guides on vegetables etc

    The only other thing feeling tired could link to is ‘carb flu’ – I didn’t really get it but lots of people do for the first 1 or 2 weeks – if you use the search box you’ll find lots of discussions about it.

    After all that, I’ll end on the positive – brilliant news in fact – the BSD definitely works! Verano, myself and many others have put our diabetes into remission. You will too, just stick with it. It’ll get better. Any other questions just shout out. Lots of us here to help.
    Jennie xx

  • posted by JodyAustralia

    Hello Jennie,
    Thank you for taking the time to reply and I will take on board your suggestions. I am feeling better this week and now need to increase my exercise again!
    One question, do you have porridge at all? I am having it twice a week to vary my breakfasts.
    I am so glad your Diabetes is in remission, that is so awesome.
    Kind regards

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