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  • posted by scotsgirl57

    hi folks am really want to change the way I eat to reverse my diabetes type 2, was diagnosed in 2012 and weight going up and health going down , at the moment only take gliclazide 2 daily but feel I need to make more of an effort

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hello Scottisgal, sorry no one seems to have picked up on you post, but welcome. The most active threads and therefore the best ones to join for advice and support, are the weekly and monthly threads. You’re assured of a warm welcome on either or both, so jump aboard if your want the share you journey and that of others walking the same path.

    Be at wishes for every success

  • posted by WindyJulz

    I am new and also a girl from Scotland!
    I’m on day 9 although I have dabbled a bit before in this way of eating, I’m knuckling down and getting my stuff together. I’m feeling more settled and content but still just thinking one day at a time with small achievable goals. This site seems to be full of helpful and supportive people and I have really enjoyed reading about experiences and drawing on the insight into the psychological aspects.
    I’m taking part in the weekly chat to keep me going and the monthly one to keep my 6 week goal in view.
    The toughest part is making the decision to commit to this and then putting the effort in to planning what your meals will be. it is an interesting voyage into self discover as well, we are all different and learning what our bodies like is fascinating.
    I love toast and chips so that the hardest thing for me but having dabbled a bit i know that i now feel really flat and lethargic if i eat a the quantities of carbs i used to. You will definitely feel better for starting down this road, physically and mentally. Give it a go. best of luck.

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