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  • posted by Charmers

    I have previously been on the 8 week blood sugar diet and managed to lose 10kg and have never felt better for it with more energy and a healthier outlook on life. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, operated on, radiation therapy and then placed on exemestane tablets for the next 5 years. Since being on the tablets my weight has ballooned out. I started back on the blood sugar diet and have been on it for the past 8 months. It has gotten to the stage where I am only having 2 meals a day and roughly eating approximately 600 – 700 calories per day with no weight loss at all. Somehow or somewhere I am doing something terribly wrong. I don’t eat bread, pasta, rice, sweets or cake. My meals are made up of protein and vegetables with an apple a day or whatever fruit is part of the meal plan. I’m at my wits end. Can someone help me please as it’s getting very disheartening with all this fat clinging onto me like it’s my “best friend”.
    Sorry for rambling but thank you for reading my post .

  • posted by Rainey

    What a heartbreaking story!

    I’m sure *everyone* here wishes the best for you, Charmers. But your situation is unique and most demanding. I think it’s doctors who can give you reliable advice and work with you to draw the correct balance between fighting your cancer and your weight. I’m sure everyone here is pulling for you but also completely unprepared to know what’s best or even possible.

    Please stick around and let us know what measures you’ve chosen. We can still cheer you on!

  • posted by freester

    Not even Dr Moseley recommends doing 800 cals a day for more than 12 weeks.

    It sounds like you’ve been doing this for 8 months?

    The Facebook group is more militant and doesn’t even recommend doing 2x 800 cals 12 week stints. They also report that doing much less than 800 cals a day limits weight loss. Are you having your apple with a meal to limit the sugar spike?

    I’ve no experience personally but it sounds to me your metabolism has changed. Your body learns that it’s not going to get more than 800 cals a day so it holds on to it’s reserves.

    My recommendation – keep going but go down 5:2 (2 days 800 cals) and maybe experiment with Fasting – eating meals in a time window?

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi Charmers,

    As has been said, none of us here are doctors so we can not advise in this case.

    A many of us who had so much weight to discard that a 12 week stint on the BSD was only the starting point. – Resources that have been helpful for us is the book Why we get fat and what to do about it. Also podcasts by Dr Fung and Dr Bikman and articles they have written which point to more recent research.

    If I was in your shoes I would start online looking for information on the medication you are taking. If you are having problems on it then it may be that others are as well as there will be online support groups discussing those problems.

    If the medication is having side effects which are pulling your spirits down, maybe thats worth talking to your doctor about those issues to see if there are alternatives.

    There is a growing body of research that some cancer cells depend on sugar for their rapid growth. So there are doctors out there supporting eating programs for cancer sufferers to eat very low carb. – As the carbs level in our eating programs which raise insulin and block our body from using fat as a fuel store, counting carbs may be a solution for you.

    In the mean time, please do not feel alone, you can also put a shout out on the forum if you just need to have a rant about how difficult life is, or want to bounce the ideas off us.

  • posted by LisaMerlo

    I think, you’ve made a great job already. I wish you all the best. And I believe together with your doctors you will fnd a perfect balance for your diet.

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