HBA1c conversion

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  • posted by Oldtimeram

    Is there an App that can give me a guide reading of my HBA1c level from a glucose finger prick blood glucose reading?

    I realise one is a long-term reading and the other is an “at this point in time” reading but I have no idea how the glucose reading compares, as the units are different.

    Thanks in advance

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Graham, this is something you have to buy from a pharmacy and the good ones are quite expensive. I get mine for free because I am diabetic but that is in France so you would have to ask your doctor. I think in the UK, the dont like T2 testing so they dont issue machines. DO NOT be tempted to buy one of those watches that advertise no more finger pricks and just use a bit of sweat. Turns out they cant do BG yet but that is what they advertise as.

    If you are doing your readings but want a converstion chart, there are plenty on the internet. My machine measures in mg/dL whatever they are and to convert to what my HbA1c results come as mmol.mol I convert by dividing by 18.5. So this morning my mg/dL was 59 (yes very low) converted this is 3.18, More normal for me is around 75 to 85 which converts to 4.05 to 4.5.

    Moving on, if you are wanting to convert it to a HbA1c equivalent you would have to be doing several tests per day to get a mean average (say 4 times at different stages of food). For example, I asked my doctor why my HbA1c was 6.3 when my daily morning average is around 4.5 to 5.0. Then I did a 4 times a day test, worked out the average and guess what, it was around 6.3, same as my HbA1c. Hope that helps. If not, throw the question back and give me some figures are what scale you are using.

  • posted by Verano

    Hi Graham
    You don’t tell us you last HbA1c which could be relevant.
    I was also diagnosed with T2. My average HbA1c was not very high at around 6.5 on average but that was while I was on the highest dose of metformin. When my diabetic nurse said I needed extra medication to ‘control’ my BS I took fright …. on the hamster wheel never to get off! Anyway I found the Blood Sugar Diet. After 5 years of being classed as T2 I managed to ditch my medication just by losing 10% of my body weight but most importantly, cutting carbs, especially the four basics … bread, potatoes, pasta and rice, to less than 50g a day. In saying that we all need to find our own individual carb tolerance.
    So, five years on I do occasional, maybe 2 of 3 times a week, finger pricks. My HbA1c has been in the ‘normal’ range, around the low 5’s, and my finger prick tests are around 6ish, give or take. If I go over 7 I cut back on carbs again.
    Sorry to waffle on but I think you need to maybe finger prick at roughly the same time once a day to establish ‘your’ pattern and then when you have your next HbA1c you will have a far better guide to your ‘individual’ blood sugar status.

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