I haveType 2 diabetes (or should I say I am now "in remission"). Was on insulin for four and a half years. Lantus at night and Novorapid after meals and snacks. From 7th September I no longer needed any insulin at all. Blood sugars have been good since then. Fasting blood sugar around 4.8. Am now at target 9stone 6lbs - size 10.

I was admitted to hospital in 2016 very ill with sky high blood sugars. I was discharged with an initial diagnosis of late onset type 1 diabetes and Lantus and Novorapid insulin were prescribed to manage it. The doctors said that it wasn't my fault that I had type 1. How I clung to that - I really didn't want to accept that I had caused it myself. I continued to cling to that diagnosis even though it was queried by other doctors. When I discovered type 2 could be reversed - how overjoyed I was to to finally have it confirmed that I was type 2 - yes I had caused it but the wonderful thing was that I could also reverse it, it is totally under my control.